Beach Clubs in Greece – What’s New For 2014

by Jamie Drummond

We thought we’d take a moment to explain what’s new for 2014 at our Beach Clubs in Greece.

The Windsurfing Kit

Every one of our resorts has a range of boards and sails carefully selected to match the conditions, tuition and numbers on offer at each location. Our Beach Club in Vassiliki boasts around 110 boards and 110 sails – a pretty incredible ratio for 82 guests! We have some exciting additions and improvements to the windsurfing equipment for the coming summer.

As Ocean Elements’ Specialist Windsurfing Centre, Vassiliki sees some great additions and expansions to the kit range for 2014. To keep up with growing demand, the ever popular iSonic, Kode and Flare fleets have been expanded with the addition of 67 and 77 litre Kodes for lighter sailors and stronger winds and new iSonics in 110, 117 and 130 litres. It’s not just the advanced windsurfers who will benefit though, our Rio, GO and Carve fleets have also seen numbers increase – so our enthusiastic beginners and intermediates can get on the water all day long.

Vass in 2014

Another exciting new addition that will interest our beginners and improver’s is the Tushingham ‘Easy’. A semi-battened, soft Dacron sail, the Easy covers the middle ground between a trainer rig and fully-battened sails. It will ease the transition as sailors progress into stronger winds and higher speeds. The sail is lightweight and forgiving – we think it will be a hit in all centres!

At the other end of the sail range, we have added in the powerful X-15 race sail for all of our slalom and speed addicts. With four battens, the X-15 is an extremely stable and grunty sail that will add knots to your top speed. All sails from 6.5 up in Vassiliki will now be rigged on 75% Carbon masts too.

All of our boards are from industry leader Starboard. We have a huge range, from beginner, free-ride and freestyle boards to high wind wave boards. So whether you are taking your first steps in the sports, learning to get planing, improving your carve gybes or even trying your first forward loop…there is a board that will be perfect for you. New additions for 2014…

The Board Racks

Atom IQ – 100, 110, 120 *NEW*

A new addition for 2014, the Atom IQ is an exciting new super-wide free-ride board. Exceptional early planing, great top speed and amazing manoeuvrability.

As free-move boards, they are designed to be exciting and fast in the straight line yet highly manoeuvrable and aggressive with a widest wind-range and control.

The slim & wide shape of the Atom IQs allow them to plane early like a board with 15 litres of extra volume, yet remains as manoeuvrable as a board with 15 litres less.

*NEW SIZES* Kode Wave and Freestyle Wave 67, 77, 82, 86, 94, 103, 113

An extremely popular board in the stronger winds of Vassiliki. The smaller sizes offer the control of a wave board in extreme conditions, the middle sizes offer a great free-wave blend for bump and jump and the larger sizes are great for perfecting carving manoeuvres and freestyle.

The Kode Freestyle Waves are Starboard’s wave freestyle boards.The Kode Freestyle Wave is aggressive, fast and manoeuvrable, with a balanced blend between wave, freestyle and free-ride.

The Sail Loft

Our big upgrade for 2013 was rigging everything up to 6.25m2 on skinny masts in Vassiliki. This continues for 2014, with the expansion of our sail range to include the powerful X-15 and versatile Easy.

*NEW* X-15: 7.0, 7.6, 8.3
Due to popular demand, we are introducing X-15 race sails to Vassiliki this year. Four cams mean lots of grunt, stability and blistering top end speeds. An ideal partner for the iSonic slalom board.

*NEW* Easy: 4.2, 4.7.
A lightweight, semi-battened sail. Ideal for beginners and improvers alike, the Easy is a super lightweight sail for use in slightly stronger winds.”

6.5m+ sails rigged on 75% carbon masts.

All sails rigged on lightweight monocoque booms.

Full fleet:

- Starboard
Atom IQ
Starboard and RED SUP’s

- Tushingham
Start Trainer Rigs

The Tuition

The tuition programmes in our Nidri Beach Club and Vassiliki will largely be staying the same for 2014, with RYA courses included in the price of your holiday and all the latest performance kit in our specialist dinghy and windsurf centres.

Nidri’s first year of operation struck the balance perfectly – with Beginner/Improver windsurfing courses and Intermediate clinics and dinghy sailing tuition for all levels. Our guests loved the programme last year, so you can expect more of the same in 2014.

In Vassiliki, the Improver (Intermediate Non-Planing) course will now be running mid-morning to make the most of the lighter winds and to aid students’ progression. As the week progresses, the group will have the chance to try out their skills in the stronger afternoon cross-shore winds.

Dinghy levels one and two and our Start Windsurfing course will continue to run in the mornings, with the Intermediate and Advanced groups meeting up in the afternoon to enjoy some high-wind action! The strengthening wind throughout the day means there are perfect conditions for all levels.

Any budding freestylers will be able to take advantage of on-demand freestyle clinics with our Resident Pro Jamie Drummond at various points throughout the week – whether it’s forward loops, Vulcans, Flakas or beyond, we’ve got it covered.

Jamie Drummond Air

At our new Beach Resort at Porto Heli and Pelion, beginners can enjoy a FREE 2.5 hour taster session in Dinghy Sailing and Windsurfing. You can then sign up for a full RYA course (payable in resort) when you’ve decided which is your favourite! The lighter winds in our new resorts make them the perfect place to learn the basics of sailing and windsurfing.

Experienced sailor and windsurfer? Make the most of a FREE 2.5 Refresher Session at the start of your week to brush off the cobwebs and get you back on the water. Once you’ve ‘found your feet’ again, you can decide to join in one of the RYA Intermediate Windsurf or Level 2 Dinghy Courses, or just go free-sailing!”

We look forward to seeing you in the summer!

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